People who use steroids may be quite familiar with AAS Pharmacy. However, it is the official online pharmacy that distributes anabolic steroids in the U.S. and other countries. Their main goal is to aid you in achieving your muscle growth safely. In fact, they are passionate about your transformation.

But near about 1M user was shocked when they realized that their trusted online site is no longer available. That’s because the FDA has banned this site for some conflicting issues.

Do you think you have to give up the hope of your dream body? Not at all. Roidsfactory is here for you to keep your dream alive. So, find out the most of it.

The Possible Reasons why AAS Pharmacy Banned

In general, unauthorized online pharmacies supply potentially hazardous drugs to the consumers. The FDA has issued warning letters apprising sites engaging in illegal activities that violate the US FDA rules. And the rules include:

  • Put up for sale risky prescript drugs of an unknown source, safety, and efficacy.
  • Offer over-the-counter medications
  • Offer prescription drugs without proper instructions for safe usage.
  • Also, offer prescript drugs to users without FDA warnings about health risks associated with the drugs.

However, buying prescription drugs from unauthorized online pharmacies may be unsafe or even fatal. AAS pharmacy didn’t follow the laws of FDA, and that’s why they have to stop their journey here. But they are trying to solving the issues asap. By this time, Roidsfactory is available in the market to supply the best quality product for you.

Anabolic steroid myths

There are often negative reviews about the use of these types of drugs on the Internet. But they talk about the myths about the famous steroids. Yet, leading experts argue that steroids are harmful only when abused.

The professionals who work with us can help you buy the right anabolic steroids. Of course, take a PCT after each steroids cycle. And that’s the difference between AAS pharmacy and us. 

About Roidsfactory

Based in Las Vegas, Roidsfactory is proud to say that all of our products are genuine. We work with factories to ensure top quality. We bring the product from where the AAS pharmacy brings their product too.

For ensuring steroid’s originality, it is suitable to enter specific confirmation codes on the manufacturers’ official page. We assure a positive result by selling FDA approved drugs. Also, we guarantee maximum anonymity as your data will never get to third parties. Finally, we appreciate and value our clients. Therefore we are always free to dialogue on any issue.

Tired of trying to get the highest quality anabolic steroids, HGH, and all the extra things you need for your cycles like needles, SERMs, and vials? Always agonize about your sanctuary, whether you are there or not? 

Not only you but also thousands more people feel this way. That’s why we set up a store to make sure you get the peptides, best steroids, and growth hormone at the lowest possible price that the AAS Pharmacy did.

Why You Choose Us More Than AAS Pharmacy?

  • We manufacture the basic principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure maximum purity, security, and potency.
  • They have passed a series of concentration tests. And it means you don’t need to bother about its effectiveness.
  • The most important thing is that we follow the FDA rules that the AAS pharmacy didn’t.
  • Keep your information hidden.
  • Quality products from an authentic source
  • You can easily trace from where the product is shipping.
  • If the product is somehow broken during shipping, we will refund this. But you need to show as proof.
  • Faster shipping
  • Finally, you all choose us because we receive all possible payment systems like PayPal, card, bitcoin, or western Union.

What do We Sell Like AAS Pharmacy?

Always try to buy products from a legit source like AAS Pharmacy. To get legal and safe anabolic steroids, you can visit our sites. However, we have listed some of our most selling products. So, here we go.


Testosterone is beneficial for sexual reproduction in men. In fact, it treats ED and enhances sexual drive. It was one of the most selling steroids in AAS Pharmacy.


Anadrol has elevated red blood cell increases significantly. In fact, The increased amount of oxygen in the blood facilitates adaptation to the end of heavy lifting.


Dianabol is the most critical steroid for improving performance. However, it is a crucial element in the bodybuilding era of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Clenbuterol is well known to body builders and athletes. It is useful for both bulking and cutting.

Deca Durabolin

In general,  Deca Durabolin does not depend on testosterone (only 38%). But it has a very high molecular strength.


Anavar is superior over HGH because of its ability to be a potent anabolic androgenic steroid. Doctors often prescribe the steroid Anavar if you need drug to gain weight.

Last Words:

At last, I would like to say Roidsfactory always cares for the clients. And we ensure the quality of the products. So, you don’t need to be sad for AAS Pharmacy. Buy one from us and turn your luck today!

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